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We offer clients the resources and knowledge to make sound, informed decisions that have significant consequences. Our intelligence, investigations, and security services provide our clients with the facts, analysis, and, ultimately, the confidence to make decisions that will positively impact their businesses and personal lives.

Practice Intelligence &
Investor Services

Delivering actionable intelligence and insight that empowers our investor and corporate clients to make the right decisions at the right time.

Intelligence Practice
Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

Institutional investors around the world turn to RosettiStarr to perform pre-transaction intelligence and deal due diligence services because we go deeper than anyone in the industry. Our reports are cross-functional tools used by investment principals and compliance professions to understand and shape the nature of the deal and satisfy regulatory and fiduciary burdens. The result is a lower risk profile and a deeper understanding of the people at the core of our clients’ investments.

RosettiStarr routinely identifies undisclosed issues that help our clients negotiate better deals or avoid them entirely. We operate with discretion, understand our client's goals and work closely with them when issues arise.

Intelligence Practice
Shareholder Activism

Our analysts have worked on hundreds of major shareholder activist campaigns helping equity holders in public companies assert influence and improve shareholder return. Our team is trained to spot governance failures, undisclosed related party transactions, management red flags, and other material issues which affect the course of activist campaigns. We generate hard facts to support our clients' investment hypotheses and help them gain influence in the market. From mergers and acquisitions and go-private events, to major open market transactions, our team routinely provides critical research behind high-profile business events.

Intelligence Practice
Market Intelligence

Monitoring the marketplace is a must. Prices change, features get upgraded, suppliers can fail. Be in the know. We approach each assignment from a fresh perspective and identify hyper-targeted and relevant global market experts to help you get ahead of a given trend or event.

Intelligence Practice
Crisis Response & Support

RosettiStarr has worked alongside global public relations firms, law firms, and major enterprises on front-page issues. Our staff is ready to respond rapidly to a developing crisis at any time or place, including by swiftly supplying the facts for arguments and statements that will have the largest beneficial impact.

Case Study
The man behind the curtain.

Global Intelligence Support
Deep Public Records Research
Site Visits

A client had investments in an $8B+ multinational life sciences company. They suspected something wasn’t right with the company’s books, so they hired RosettiStarr to evaluate the leadership team and assess elements of the company’s operations.

Our researchers uncovered:

  • Unreported spousal relationship between the CEO and a board member.
  • Mismatching revenue reporting between publicly reported results by parent and the actual results of their operating subsidiaries (likely accounting fraud.)
  • The CEO was using the same firm to audit corporate subsidiaries as well as his own personal real estate holding companies (whose assets he was leasing back to the company.)

We then conducted site visits to 100 of the company’s operating sites in 19 countries on 4 continents and found that dozens of the company’s purported operating locations had limited or no business operations at all.

Practice Investigations &
Litigation Support

Combining global reach, premier fact-finding and world-class analysis to meet our clients' investigative and litigation support needs.

Investigations Practice
Litigation Support

Our experienced investigators are trained to efficiently obtain impactful evidence in support of all phases of litigation. This includes locating potential evidence through global public records research, collecting data from open web, dark web, and social media networks, and developing innovative strategies to ingest digital records. This also includes interviewing witnesses and recording statements in anticipation of litigation and obtaining practical intelligence from human sources around the world. We have worked with 59 of the Vault Law 100 Top Law Firms and have supported legal claims worth more than $5 billion.

Investigations Practice
Internal Investigations

When issues or allegations arise, we quickly obtain the facts you need to respond with confidence. From bribery and corruption allegations to data leaks and workplace misconduct, our veteran investigators understand the sensitivities and importance of getting to the truth quickly and working with your team to respond appropriately.

Investigations Practice
Intellectual Property Enforcement

We help clients identify internal and external IP threats and develop the facts needed to respond efficiently and forcefully. We create customized research and evidence collection approaches and have the experience to turn noise and data into meaningful, factual insights. Our IP team has deep experience locating and interviewing witnesses around the world, obtaining and analyzing potentially infringing material, and collecting public record evidence needed to support highly technical, complex IP claims. RosettiStarr’s intellectual property practice is relied on by multi-billion dollar public companies and global law firms. Our successes include obtaining a record-setting $500 million judgment against a client’s competitor–the largest ever award for a copyright infringement of images claim.

Investigations Practice
Forensic Accounting & Financial Fraud Investigations

RosettiStarr is able to support clients on matters involving the investigation of financial misconduct; reconstruction of financial transactions; verification of compliance with contractual requirements; and quantification of damage amounts and financial analysis. Our team, which leverages decades of investigative experience earned through leading complex and prominent investigations, is accustomed to organizing, reviewing, and interpreting large amounts of disparate financial and related information into actionable intelligence.

Investigations Practice
Compliance with CFIUS & Other Regulatory Regimes

Investors or companies considering deals with foreign counterparties need to understand the complexities and regulatory risks inherent to the investment process. Global M&A transactions and cross-border investments are under a heightened level of scrutiny by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and other foreign regulatory regimes, largely driven by national security concerns. RosettiStarr supports clients in the early stages of an investment, during the investment and CFIUS review, and post-transaction in cases where mitigation conditions are imposed by CFIUS. Our team also assists clients in complying with anti-corruption laws, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), as well as matters involving the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), export controls, and trade sanctions administrated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Investigations Practice
Asset Search & Recovery

Our multidisciplinary team of asset search and recovery professionals operate globally to locate attachable assets of companies and individuals. We have experience tracing assets of groups that use pyramidal corporate structures and have foreign intermediaries eager to hide their wealth. These are complex matters, and we rely on a combination of deep global public record expertise and a unique network of sources all over the world.

Case Study
A company under siege.

Evidence Collection & Analysis
Witness Interviews
Digital Forensics

Our client had suspected for years their largest competitor was stealing their intellectual property but didn’t know how to prove it. Our team of investigators and research specialists discovered that the competitor was operating through outsourcing centers in several Asian cities. We arranged interviews with dozens of former employees onsite in India and the Philippines, who not only confirmed that they had been instructed to steal our client’s IP, but explained in detail how they were doing it.

Our team interviewed dozens of former employees onsite in India and the Philippines, revealing not only that they were indeed being instructed to steal our client’s IP, but exactly how they were doing it.

From there, we worked closely with international law enforcement agencies and our client’s outside counsel to propel the case into successful litigation. Our documentation of thousands of cases of theft put our client’s competitor out of business. And as a side benefit, our probing of the IP abuses uncovered evidence of human trafficking that the FBI and DOJ used to shut down the largest such portal on the internet.

Practice Human Source

Providing firsthand accounts from the people closest to the matter.

Human Intelligence Practice
Pre-Transaction Intelligence

We support private equity, hedge fund, family office and corporate clients with vital, pre-transaction diligence. Our interviews are critical in assessing a target company’s management, performance, reputation, and prospects for success “beyond the ledger sheet.” By speaking with former employees, key customers, and other interested parties, we fill in the blanks to ward off surprises. We collect this information while comfortably following strict guidelines to ensure our clients remain fully compliant with regulations and internal policies.

Human Intelligence Practice
Executive and Director Selection

Finding and hiring the right talent is critical to ensuring an organization's success. Our interviews provide firsthand accounts of executive and board member candidates’ key strengths and risks related to professional capability, performance history, management style, personal behavior, and public standing. These accounts complement and add critical context to the in-depth public record and verification research included in our diligence reports.

Human Intelligence Practice
Investigations and Litigation Support

Our human source intelligence identifies elusive information needed to forecast, head off, or resolve corporate crises, address provocations and threats, or to deal with episodes or evidence of personal or professional misconduct. We know how to find the right sources to answer critical questions ahead of a trial. We also have a successful track record of using human intelligence to investigate fraud, corruption, and IP theft.

Human Intelligence Practice
Strategic and Competitive Analysis

The human sources we interview help our clients better understand trends and emerging issues across a wide range of markets. By talking to industry experts, leaders, customers, and competitors, we can identify opportunities for market protection and strategic growth. These conversations enable us to deliver specialized information that our clients use to succeed in competitive scraps, overall positioning, divestments, and acquisitions.

Case Study
Finding Answers During a Management Crisis

Transactional Diligence
Human Intelligence
Crisis Management

An institutional investor client reached out to us after the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar publicly traded company abruptly resigned, with the board stating only that his actions were under investigation and that updates would be provided later. After an initial investigation focused exclusively on the public record revealed only limited information suggesting a toxic work environment fostered by the CEO, we collaborated with the client’s compliance officer to quickly launch a second phase based on human intelligence to glean additional information. Interviews with nearly a dozen former high-level employees not only fleshed out the problems created by the CEO’s abrasive personality, but also disclosed wider issues involving poor management and ineffective operating systems. However, more critically, the sources confirmed that the company’s overall financial reporting was sound. Equipped with our findings, the client was able to alter its trading strategy. Soon after, the company entered into a merger agreement that valued the business at nearly 20 percent above its market cap.

Practice Corporate Security
& Risk

Providing security management, risk identification and technological expertise necessary to keep our clients safe and secure.

Security Practice
Corporate Security Design

We have operated as the security department for banks, casinos, large technology firms, and have performed security design services for a variety of private and corporate clients around the world. Our staff understands that modern security design needs to seamlessly integrate with the unique social fabric of the people we serve. Our competencies lie in pre-construction security design, managing security integrations, corporate security overhauls, and supervising day-to-day security operations both in the United States and abroad.

Security Practice
Threat Assessment & Mitigation

We work with executive management teams, family offices and private clients with elevated profiles to provide peace of mind at home and at work with world-class technical and physical security, in-depth background checks, threat assessments and threat management programs, and more.

Security Practice
Secure Mobile Communications

Our innovative and proprietary executive communications platform can give you peace of mind to speak on a cell phone without being listened to and move without being tracked.

Security Practice
Corporate Travel Safety

We help our clients consider and counter travel risks. Our team of security experts and intelligence analysts work with management teams to set and adjust travel policies and security standards and constantly monitor emerging global events. The goal is to help management teams ensure continuity of operations and enhance traveler wellbeing wherever business takes them.

Case Study
Digitizing the vault.

Corporate Security Design
Technology Integrations
Security Modernization

With the backing of a consortium of investors, our client began acquiring independent community banks in several southeastern states.  The acquired assets ranged from new retail banks with the latest security technology to old, dated buildings that lacked the infrastructure to support modern security systems.

RosettiStarr was asked to develop and apply enterprise-wide security and safety standards to ensure all facilities complied with applicable federal and state laws, and to reduce the time required to bring new locations online.

Our team quickly completed risk assessments and inventories of existing security and IT infrastructures for each location.  From there, we mapped the most glaring security gaps and developed a triaged plan to address the deficiencies.  We worked closely with the client’s banking operations, IT and corporate real estate teams to find solutions that met security requirements and provided additional operational benefits saving the client both time and money.

Practice Cyber Security
& Incident Response

Putting experts at your side to identify, isolate, and resolve time-sensitive problems.

Cyber Security Practice
Cyber Maturity Assessments

Threats to digital assets and IT #infrastructure can present more of a risk to enterprises than traditional physical threats. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals work with businesses of all sizes to audit internal and external cybersecurity risk and where gaps are identified, we collaborate with your business leaders to make a path towards remediation. From data breach response plans to cyber incident insurance policy preparation, our multi-point audit process has been trusted by global technology firms, financial institutions, and is now the standard at one of the largest cyber incident policy insurance providers in the world.

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Cyber Security Practice
Managed Cyber Security

RosettiStarr offers managed cyber security services through deployment of Covalence, the most sophisticated and user-friendly threat monitoring system on the planet. Our cyber security solution provides transparent, holistic managed cyber threat detection and response for your whole IT infrastructure in one platform and is monitored by cyber security analysts at our 24-hour security operations center.

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Cyber Security Practice
Cyber Incident Response

Our specialists and technical partners have decades of experience in cyber security, and have defended some of the largest and most secure networks in the world. We use that depth of experience and context to identify and explain the source of an incident and importantly, provide mitigation advice and guidance to improve things so that it doesn’t happen again. This includes identifying and restoring systems affected with malware and ransomware, network analysis and forensics to provide independent visibility into potentially malicious behavior on your network, spear phishing investigations, and cloud service breaches.

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Cyber Security Practice
Digital Forensics

The reality of modern litigation is that most of the evidence produced in court comes in the form of electronic data seized from computers, cell phones, email systems, and other electronic media. We are at the vanguard of digital investigations helping clients preserve, retrieve, review and understand their data footprint. Our staff have rich backgrounds in computer science and frequently review digital forensic evidence to help our clients prevail.

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