Cyber Incident Response Services

Suspect a breach?

Every second counts when it comes to containing a breach and minimizing its impact. Contact us immediately and our highly skilled forensics team will get started right away to isolate the issue and prevent further damage.

Identify. Investigate. Recover.

A breach can happen to any business – large or small. And when it happens, it’s scary, so just remember we’ve got your back. Our team will respond quickly and stay with you each step of the way, ensuring as little impact as possible to your business.

Our Advantages

Skilled Analysts

We have defended some of the most complex networks in the world and bring years of incident response expertise. We know how cyber criminals operate and how attacks work, which helps us spot things quickly to minimize damage.

Fast Response

Speed is critical when a breach is suspected. Our global, 24/7 forensics team will rapidly investigate and eradicate threats to mitigate damage to your systems.

Expert Remediation

Our experts are right by your side every step of the way. We provide detailed recommendations, remediation steps, and straightforward strategies to prevent it from happening again.

Post-Attack Protection

Covalence, Field Effect’s cyber threat monitoring platform, together with our security analysts work with speed and precision to protect your endpoints, network, and cloud assets from future threats.

How we work

Powered by years of hands-on experience and best-in-class tools, our analyst team dives in immediately to identify, isolate, and resolve security incidents.


From network infections, cloud breaches, malware, ransomware and beyond, find out what happened and whether the threat is ongoing.


Find the source of the breach, which systems were affected, how the attack happened and the impact.


Recover quickly from an attack. Get your business back up and running, and reduce future risks.

Want to learn more?

Incident response is just one piece of the puzzle. Planning ahead with our team is your best path forward, but if you’ve already suffered an attack we’re here to help you implement a long-term cyber security solution.

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