Managed Cyber Security

Meet Covalence™

The most sophisticated cyber threat monitoring platform on the planet, made simple.

Protect your data, your assets, and your reputation.

Covalence is the definitive cyber security solution — a simple, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective platform that monitors and protects your cloud services, network, and devices so you can focus on your business.

Total Coverage

Covalence provides the visibility you need to prevent cyber attacks and secure you and your assets. It is a transparent, holistically managed detection and response platform for your entire IT infrastructure in one system, no matter where you are or where your endpoints are located. No add-ons, no modules, and no gaps in your security.


With support for all major platforms, including server, desktop, and mobile operating systems, Covalence provides continuous analysis and real-time protection to defend your business from endpoint infiltration.


Covalence delivers best-in-class network threat detection using human-backed threat intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to keep you up and running.


Covalence protects your business from cloud-based threats with coverage for Microsoft 365, G Suite, Azure, AWS, Dropbox,, and more.

Protection for your entire IT ecosystem

Managed protection has never been this complete, or this easy.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Protection

Secure your network, devices, and cloud-based applications with one platform. Covalence is always on, 24/7, identifying threats and potential vulnerabilities to traffic through advanced monitoring and detailed analysis. Our built-in DNS firewall ensures safe web browsing and Internet access by blocking connections to malicious websites.

Dedicated security advice & Support

The Field Effect Cyber team is at your service and continuously working on your behalf to help protect your business. Our dedicated, experienced cyber security analysts deliver personalized support, technical advice, and security strategy recommendations.

Clear, Relevant Threat and Risk Alerts

Receive immediate alerts for threats, vulnerabilities, and other security-related risks, triaged by Covalence, to understand and improve your security. Covalence’s threat data is delivered as simple, prioritized, actionable reporting that helps you understand your threats as Actions, Recommendations and Observations (AROs). Our proprietary approach removes noise to show you the alerts that matter with the context needed to resolve them.

Find the package that’s right for your business

We believe every business, of any size, should have access to world-class security. Covalence comes in right-priced packages based on your size and your needs. Talk to us and we’ll set you up with the protection that’s right for you.

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