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Ensuring Security With Discretion

Family Offices occupy an increasingly valuable and a uniquely vulnerable niche in the investment and security space. RosettiStarr’s breadth of security and corporate intelligence experience can anticipate, prepare, and help family offices protect both their assets and integrity.

RosettiStarr’s security and investigation professionals can provide a comprehensive package of risk management and protection services that are integrated and synchronized, from the office, to the car, to the home. And our international reach will protect people, operations, and investments across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

- Mike Starr, Chief Operating Officer

RosettiStarr is our one-stop shop. They have vetted our household staff, including our drivers, chefs and staff. They protect us when we travel, whether for business or a family vacation. The threats we face are countless and always changing. The one constant is that RosettiStarr provides us the solution.
Chief of Staff, Family Office of UHNW Principal

RosettiStarr Client

A breach can happen to any business – large or small. And when it happens, it’s scary, so just remember we’ve got your back. Our team will respond quickly and stay with you each step of the way, ensuring as little impact as possible to your business.

RosettiStarr has capabilities in both physical security as well as operational and due diligence management risk. We conduct risk assessments for individuals, their households, and offices; vet household and personal staff; conduct pre-transactional due diligence for investments and prospective business partners; develop security protocols to guard against physical and cyber risk; and engage in bespoke investigations using public records, human intelligence, and other resources to fully understand opportunities and threats.

RosettiStarr’s credentials and established network of on-the-ground investigators and contacts protects our clients wherever they, their operations, or assets may go – and ensures that their identities and reputations are protected and held in the strictest confidence.

In-House Expertise

Our decades of experience in security, intelligence, and investigations have enabled us to give family offices the highest level of service. The specialists who also support our family office clients include attorneys, financial analysts, journalists, and other seasoned security and risk management experts.

Global Resources

RosettiStarr leverages global resources that allow us to offer localized intelligence and security to clients around the world. We have in-house fluency in 15 languages, and our team has supported clients in more than 55 countries.


As a provider of due diligence and intelligence services to major institutional investors with more than $650 billion in global assets under management daily, RosettiStarr maintains the highest standard of client confidentiality. We operate on the principles of trust, discretion, and high-touch client service.

Use Cases

Powered by years of hands-on experience and best-in-class tools, our analyst team dives in immediately to identify, isolate, and resolve security incidents.

Physical Risk Assessments

RosettiStarr protects families against physical threats by evaluating their security posture, recommending improvements, and assisting in the implementation of security enhancements. Security controls are continually assessed through vulnerability assessments with nothing taken for granted. Our competencies include security design that places a premium on technology and developing programs that address the unique risks of each client.

Threat Assessments & Mitigation

We support family offices and private clients with elevated profiles with in-depth assessments of real or perceived threats, as well as ongoing monitoring and threat management programs for higher-profile clients – including Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, performing artists, and high-net-worth individuals – who more frequently receive threats from individuals or groups.

Pre-Employment Diligence & Customized Assessments

Our team conducts a thorough and deep evaluation of personal staff, including drivers, chefs, stable hands, tutors, childcare providers, and others. We assess and confirm not only their professional claims and qualifications but their suitability to be in the household and in close contact with the family. RossetiStarr also provides customized assessments for key hires by determining their drivers, soft skills, strengths and weaknesses through behavioral interviews.

Pre-Transactional Due Diligence

We have an ever-expanding array of resources to evaluate the reputations and claims of potential investments, business partners, and vendors, determining their track records and the risk of doing business with them.

Investigations & Insider Threat

RosettiStarr is skilled at conducting a range of investigations, whether in support of potential litigation or to pinpoint the source of an internal threat in cases of theft or embezzlement. Our investigative capabilities include open-source intelligence, global public records searches, and human source intelligence, among others.

Cyber Security & Incident Response

Our specialists and technical partners have decades of experience in cyber security, and have defended some of the largest and most secure networks in the world. We use that depth of experience and context to identify and explain the source of an incident and importantly, provide mitigation advice to improve things so it doesn’t happen again. This includes identifying and restoring systems affected with malware and ransomware, network analysis and forensics to provide independent visibility into potentially malicious behavior on your network, spear phishing investigations, and cloud service breaches.

Privacy & Identity Management

We have the tools to find virtually all public – and some non-public – information about individuals, so we can also help manage our clients’ identities and personal reputations – both online and offline.

Secure Mobile Communications

Our innovative and proprietary executive communications platform can give you peace of mind to speak on a cell phone without being listened to and move without being tracked.

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