March 31, 2021
How We Make the Most Out of Crucial Interviews

Oftentimes during an investigation, pre-background screening, obtaining witness testimony and more, investigators will move beyond the stage of open-source information and onto human-based intelligence techniques. When interviewing a potential subject, whether it be to get expert testimony, witness testimony, industry knowledge, or to speak with someone about a former employee or employer, the steps taken […]

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Preserving Evidence: How To Download Videos from Instagram Without a Third-Party Application.

Reviewing social media during an investigation is an integral baseline practice for identifying individuals’ online presence, obtaining information, and potentially obtaining and preserving evidence, regardless of the nature of the investigation. Weather you are reviewing an executive’s background to determine if there is anything unsavory in the public record or searching to obtain evidence that […]

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How to Find Comments Made by a Private Instagram Account

When an Instagram user has their account set to private, you won’t be able to see any posts published by this account. It is possible though to see comments made by this account under posts published by another public account. However, it can be challenging to find those comments. Here are some tips: Google the […]

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How to Capture the Timestamp of a Post or Comment on Instagram

In order to see the exact time an Instagram post or comment was made, start by right-clicking on the post and select “Inspect.” You will now see the source code on the right, as shown in this sample post: Next, locate the timestamp as the “datetime” element. To find this element, click Ctrl + F […]

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